Bobby Likis Car Clinic / PreRepair®

5675 N. Davis Hwy.
Pensacola, FL 32503
30.478595 -87.224486
4.87/5.00 average rating
150 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (150)

 5     Bobby 04/18/2016
Terrific service our team provides to our witnessed by me during the annual servicing of my Viper. At 15 years of age, my vehicle runs "as new."

 5     Bobby 04/18/2016
Terrific service our team provides to our witnessed by me during the annual servicing of my Viper. At 15 years of age, my vehicle runs "as new."

 5     Brennan 04/18/2016
Outstanding vehicle and customer service.

 5     Judith 04/16/2016
Bobby Likis Car Clinic is the best in the area. I particularly agree with the 'PreRepair' philosophy. Preventative maintenance at Bobby Likis Car Clinic has kept my 2007 VW Beetle running smoothly!

 5     Maryann 04/14/2016
Great service as always - dependable as well as trustworthy. I have had some bad experiences in town with a local dealer, however, once I started coming to Bobby Likis it was clear where I needed to continue my vehicle repairs / updates.

 5     George 04/14/2016
I bring my car to the Likis car clinic because I can count on complete service. For example, the tires get rotated on just about every service and the tire pressures are always checked. I always feel confident I am going to get where I'm going without trouble.

 5     Kent 04/08/2016
A professional shop that focuses on excellent service and caring help. We were very fortunate to have broken down in Pensacola on our road trip from Florida to California and to have been referred to Bobby Likis Car Clinic for our needed repairs. When you are unfamiliar with an area, you are at the mercy of others. We were very blessed to have Bobby Likes and his crew give us the immediate attention we needed to get back on the road, and at a very fair price. We made it to California with no other problems. Thank you, Bobby Likis!

 5     Todd 03/25/2016

 5     Richard 02/26/2016
Professional and courteous service by all the staff says a lot. Work is done in a timely manner, and any issues, good or bad, are brought to the attention of the customer.

 5     Alisha 02/26/2016
Bobby Likis Car Clinic is the only shop I will go to anymore. I have received service for basic oil changes to in depth warranty repairs. Bobby Likis Car Clinic not only has great customer service but they are honest and fair with their pricing. I have never been disappointed when taking my vehicle here. Taking your vehicle here, you will not only have a quick visit and not only will you have the best techs working on your vehicle but you can be rest-assured that any repairs will be done correctly the first time :)

 5     Windsor 02/22/2016
A few months ago I brought my Yukon XL to the dealership to be repaired for an oil pressure issue. Even after the initial repair (which involved changing out a sensor and replacing a valve component) I still had issues. Upon return, the dealer said there was nothing more to do except to replace the engine, a hefty expense especially after the front differential had just been replaced! Wanting a second opinion, I took the car to Bobby Likis over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had an appointment for Friday, but they were able to see it early. The diagnostic fee was worth it to me to determine whether I wanted to gamble on a new engine or not. During the diagnostic process, they called to get approval to go further into the engine to look for the cause of the issue because it upped the cost of the initial fee. Not being a car person, I don't know the exact technical details, but they determined the cause and replaced the offending parts. Deciding to take the car to Likis saved me from buying a "new" engine, quoted by the dealer as $8000, and spending less than $1000 instead to repair the problem. I returned a few months later to have some additional recommended repairs performed on the front axel and they found some other issues that had been overlooked by the shop that replaced my differential in the fall, such as differential fluid that was practically as black as tar. I am grateful for their assistance, especially in keeping my 200k+ mile car on the road. The staff is always willing to take the time to answer my questions and to help educate me about the issue I am having. Previously, they were a back up shop to get second opinions at, but after this latest series of visits I will be using them primarily from now on.

 5     Stephen 02/18/2016
Wonderful experience. On time, every time!

 5     Eva 02/04/2016
A+ service. Professional, friendly, clean and fast service. Worth the money! Highly recommended!

 5     Allen 01/28/2016

 5     Debra 01/25/2016

 5     Kathleen 01/21/2016
They were able to fix everything-basically within 24 hours. It was wonderful!

 5     Stan 01/21/2016
My annual inspection was thorough and complete. I'm so glad I had it done before giving the car to my granddaughter in the spring. I now have several months to get the repairs done.

 5     Bria 01/14/2016
I really appreciated the polite staff, I felt comfortable asking questions and I did not feel like I was being over charged. I will definitely come back and get my car serviced!

 5     Thomas 12/31/2015
Thanks for your help in getting my Audi back in operation. After my experience with America's Service Station & Gwinnett Audi it was good to deal with professionals who actually knew what they were doing.

 5     Spider 12/10/2015
5 star as usual. Friendly, professional and timely service. Many thanks.

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