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5675 N. Davis Hwy.
Pensacola, FL 32503
30.478595 -87.224486
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MNG Customer Reviews (150)

 4     Jake 12/08/2016

 4     Cande 05/29/2016
I received a comfort when at other locations that was something I didn't receive. Thank you

 4     Amy & Gil 05/26/2016
Top notch place but be prepared to pay for it!

 4     Michael 05/14/2015
Thank you for the fast and friendly service. I did mention my tail light not working to the person at the service desk and he pointed out that on my car it may be hard to repair because of water coming into the trunk. Someone just pointed out to me that my tail light is still not working. Will I be cited/ticketed for a non-functioning tail light?

 3     Dorothy 06/20/2017
Shop and staff are great. Car still doing same thing I paid to get fixed. Will have to get work done at another shop.

 3     Ron & Shea 12/02/2015
I was disappointed in the service and the cost. Extra services [battery connections cleaned] were performed that were not authorized and extra services [brakes] were suggested but not needed. The garage was fairly slow that day and even though I mentioned that I was in a hurry, they didn't appear to be.

 3     Joe 08/27/2015
Service was good, just sorry they didn't tell me it was a battery only issue so that the interstate battery I had that was only over a year old was bad?? Couldn't help me with the warranty?

 3     Richard 04/09/2015

 2     Christopher 07/28/2016
Bobby Likis puts a markup of 30 - 47 points on repair parts. That is over what you would pay at normally at PEP Boys and others.

 1     tamara 11/16/2014
I'm giving 1 star cause I cant give 0. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had at a repair shop. I went in cause I had a leak in a clogged a/c line and the water damaged my wires on my drivers side. They repaired the wires charged me $270 but did not repair the leak (this took 4 days and $270 to repair wires!!)!! They took apart my car and damaged the drive shaft so now I have a problem with that which was not a problem before I took it there this is a $2000 repair!! They told me the leak was in the sun roof it was not! I ended up taking it to another mechanic who repaired the clogged a/c line for me (not a leak in the sunroof as they said). The guy Brendon that works there told me he was the owner (which we later found out he is not) we called and told him we where extremely dissatisfied with the repair and he made ALOT of excuses as to why nothing but the wires had been fixed and now I'm stuck with a damaged drive shaft due to their incompetence. Absolutely DO NOT bring your car here!! They Will not only not fix it but damage it!! I tried to get in touch with the owner so that the problem would be fixed and no one to this day will contact me back!! BEWARE BEWARE!
Shop Comment
Tamara, with all due respect to you as a customer, I believe someone other than you wrote this review. Specifically, here is the documentation written on the day the Touareg was ** t o w e d ** into our shop because it would not shift out of park into drive: ?7/11/14?out of town customer asked for repair of gear problem ONLY. We noted water and electrical damage but customer specified to only get the vehicle driveable so it could be taken to a shop back in Georgia for other problems to be addressed.? Our ASE-Certified Master Technician performed procedures necessary to get car into drive, but ? per customer ? took no other action to repair leak ? which leak was coming from the sun roof (FYI, could not have been from the A/C line as the A/C drain is on the PASSENGER side of the vehicle ... and the DRIVER?s side was wet). The drive shaft ? under carriage ? was not touched. I?m not surprised your repairs took $2000, given the water and electrical damage that your Touareg had when it was towed into our shop. General Manager Brennan communicated with you and other members of your family numerous times to explain the challenges your Touareg had, but again, we were instructed to address the gear problem only. I wish you well.

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