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Car Clinic Minutes: Tips, Trends, Trivia & Water Cooler Wow

60 seconds of Watercooler Wow

Keep Your Cool(ant) in Winter

You’ve heard the advice — “Keep Your Cool.” I’m here to say … that’s just half the story! With Winter here, the other half is even more in1portant: Keep Your Coolant or Antifreeze level up! Here’s why:

Car engines get HOT! Water, pumped through the radiator cools engine parts and prevents overheating. But in winter without adequate antifreeze, this water can turn to ice-preventing it from doing its job. Result? Expensive repairs, like overheated engines or cracked blocks. That’ll take the sugar plums right out of your Christmas stocking!

So Keep Your Cool … & Your Christmas Cash! Make sure your car has sufficient antifreeze to withstand winter’s chill!

60 seconds of Watercooler Wow

How Watering a Plant is
Like Refueling Your Car

Watering plants is like gassing up your car! Both provide “fuel”: Water for plants to grow … and gas for cars to go. But if a little bit is good, is more better? Nope! Like Goldilocks suggested, juuust right is best when watering plants and refueling your car!

Like with flower pots, don’t let gas tanks run completely dry before “refueling” ’cause when your car runs out of gas, debris from your tank is sucked into the engine, causing performance problems and potential repairs. But don’t overfill either. Excess fuel flows from your gas tank into a reservoir, but then can be drawn into the engine, causing flooding.

So how much gas is juuust right? Two clicks of the pump when you’re refueling. Remember, two clicks!

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Hard Drives

Years ago, a ‘small hard drive’ meant a trafficky physical commute. Today, it’s the curse of telecommuting!

But however you get to work – town roads or digital superhighways – pave the way with these timely “Gimme 5” maintenance tips:

1 — Once a year, treat your vehicle to an Annual Inspection.
2 — Every 2 years, change brake fluid.
3 — It’s time for a standard oil service every 3,000 miles.
4 — Mark your calendar every 4 years for new radiator hoses. AND
5 — Rotate tires every 5,000 miles.

Now … Take 5 … away from your busy job to enjoy a cruise in your well-maintained vehicle!

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Before Power Steering on Race Cars

“Churning ice cream the old-fashioned way” may be a treat, but “steering the old-fashioned way” on the race track is no fun-in-the-sun!

Before Geoffry Bodine engineered power steering on race cars in 1987, all that horsepower had to be guided by sheer muscle power. And “cars on the oval track” weren’t the only thing that suffered “wear and tear”–just ask the drivers! In the Daytona 500, drivers race 4 hours in 120 degrees, losing up to 10 pounds of body weight! Power steering reduces driver fatigue & conserves the energy necessary to “charge the finish line” … and enjoy a good old-fashioned victory lap!

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Franklin, My Dear…

Benjamin Franklin’s on the $100 bill, but he could have made a million with his invention on Shark Tank!

Yes, during his days as postmaster, Franklin invented an odometer for measuring distances along the colonial mail trail which stretched from Maine to Florida. The odometer — attached to the wheels of his carriage -calibrated the length of the journey by counting wheel rotations. Comparing several routes, Franklin mapped the fastest network & standardized delivery times.

By the way, “post offices” in the 1700’s were taverns, inns & coffee houses, so mail carriers loved Franklin’s “mile markers” for lots of reasons!

60 seconds of Watercooler Wow

The Original Thelma & Louise

Automotive history is filled with famous men like Henry Ford, but have you ever heard of Alice Rarnsey & Nettie Powell? Yes, Thelma & Louise may have perfected Girlfriend Cruising, but Alice Ramsey invented it!

Joined by Nettie Powell & 2 other wornen in 1909, Alice, a 22-year old mother & Vassar grad, hitched up her skirts & took to the road. Well, almost. Actually, there was no real road between New York & San Francisco, but that didn’t deter these women on wheels from driving 4000 miles in just
under 2 m0nths. Undaunted by danger & unencumbered by a map, they wound their way from coast to coast, using private roads, open fields & railroad straights during this literal “ground-breaking” journey!

Now that’s what I call a Road Trip!


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