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What is PreRepair®?

• “Preventive Maintenance” is obsolete because it’s incomplete. Don’t be fooled. Oil
changes are not the only component necessary for proactive vehicular health.

• PreRepair® is the Prevention of Repair–a comprehensive package already proven
successful and available exclusively at Bobby Likis Auto Service/PreRepair®. So good
we’ve trademarked it.

• PreRepair® is an on-going monitoring & follow-up system for the lifebloods/fluids
of the vehicle for major mechanical components (like cooling system, power steering,
engine, transmission, transfer case, differential, brake, air conditioning, EGR valves)
with services designed to prolong vehicle life & performance … & to prevent
breakdowns. Imagine the joy of driving a vehicle with maximized performance …
and the money you save with minimized repair.

• PreRepair® is so good it comes with a nationwide Lifetime Protection Plan if the
vehicle qualifies (backed by national underwriter) — which is transferable. Imagine
the confidence that if there is a problem, your vehicle has protection. And imagine the
increased value when the vehicle is sold because the protection plan goes with it.

• We create a dossier on your automobile that we can email to you upon request.
Imagine the increased value at sales time when your vehicle can be “certified” if you
trade it in … or services “proven” to potential buyers.

• Our website offers Bobby Likis Auto Service/PreRepair® customer clients services like
on-line appointment scheduling, a digital “toolbox” stocked with automotive
tips, customer satisfaction surveys and more. Imagine the ease of accessing these
features from your couch.

• PreRepair® makes it easy for you with our customer client follow-up, both
paper & electronic. Imagine the security & the convenience of Bobby Likis Auto
Service/PreRepair® letting you know when it’s time for service.